Zolitron enables the digitalization of industry and infrastructure by its energy and communication independent sensor networks.

Based on the principle of micro-energy harvesting, Zolitron has developed networks of sensors that communicate independently and offer energy autonomy. Using these, Zolitron can digitalise hardware assets in a way that is durable, requires no maintenance and is easily scalable. The collected unprocessed sensor data is then further processed in the cloud into usable data for the customers. At present, this solution is most often used to tackle container management in the waste management industry.

Initial investment:

B2G Partner:
Andrea Muth

Formation of Zolitron Technology GmbH in Bochum
Award „Start-Up Contest – Digital Innovations“ by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy
First Place at the 11th Private Equity Conference
Completion of the Z-Node-Sensor prototype
Completion of the Z-Node 0-Series
Installation of first Z-Nodes for customers

“The advancing digitalisation is accompanied by the increased use of sensors in all areas of our lives. Together with my team from Zolitron Technology, we are making a decisive contribution to leaving the trough of pilot projects and realising large-scale projects.”

Arndt Zinn