“Videoboost simplifies and accelerates the production of explanatory film, product videos, image film and tutorials in a digital manner. Corporate customers receive various video formats from animations and real shots up to hybrids.”

Robotics is still considered a rocket science in German Mittelstand Factories. While only 7% of the 150.000 manufacturing companies in Germany work with robots, the Paderborn based Startup has set sail to change this. Unchained Robotics is building the automation platform for companies that strive for operational excellence on shop floor level. Instead waiting weeks and months to get offers and solutions from “old school robot integrators” Unchained Robotics provide high-speed services to help factory leaders achieve their cost and quality goals. unchainedrobotics.de is the place for factory automation, no matter if you search for single components, or full turnkey solutions.

Initial investment:

B2G Partner:
Manuel Böhringer

“We are delighted, that Born2Grow demonstrated confidence in our business model, our passion for videos and the development of innovations in the video market with their Investment. Together we are working on making the future of video production so clear and easy that companies will be able to put important messages in appealing videos. In times of Nano-attention span, videos are the best medium to reach its target group.”

Moritz Mollenkopf