troy is a FinTech that specializes in customer-friendly, digital debt collection. The start-up optimizes the customer experience in debt collection and thus preserves the customer relationship.

troy specialises in customer-friendly digital debt collection.

The goal of the startup is to make the collection process more individual and flexible than is the case with traditional collection firms.

troy combines AI technology with debt collection expertise and best practices from marketing and CRM, and thus provides an integral platform for collection and related services. Therefore, troy ensures satisfied customers and guarantees a high debt collection quota, along with the retention of the customer relationship.

troy is convinced that the classic collection process must adapt to the digital age. This re-interpretation ensures that customers who are late in making payments are not treated like debtors.

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Andrea Muth

“We are very pleased to have BORN2GROW as a partner. In addition to financial support this impressive team supports us in achieving our ambitious goals by its Know-how and business network.

Philip Rürup