ROCKETHOME is one of the leading providers in Europe in the areas of the Internet of Things, smart home management, and home energy IoT.

The company’s products provide support to customers for energy management, intelligent home-environment control systems, and security. Together with its partners from the energy sector, telecommunications, trade, the hardware industry and other industries, the company designs solutions and business models in dynamically growing market segments. The basis for the company’s range of products is provided by the open, hardware-independent and scalable software platform called “HomeRUN Intelligence Cloud.” Located in Cologne and founded in 2010, the company has persuaded 50 noteworthy customers in four European countries of the merits of its product mix.

Initial investment:

B2G Partner:
Günter Steffen

“B2G provided support to us on short notice in the areas of capital and expertise. At our shareholder meetings, B2G’s entrepreneurial experience plays an important role in our decision-making process.”

Yüksel Sirmasac