PL BioScience uses an ethically harmless production process to produce a nutrient medium of human origin for stem cell research and therapy.

PL BioScience GmbH was spun off from RWTH Aachen University in 2015 and has been producing sustainable nutrient media that cover the entire life cycle of stem cell therapy since then. PL BioScience not only avoids ethically questionable fetal calf serum, but also uses waste materials from the blood donation in order to obtain human platelet lysate in large batches during production. In addition to the lysate, PL BioScience also offers its customers a patented gel based on its technology, which, as a cell structure and nutrient source, simultaneously brings the cultivation of 3D cell cultures to a new level. Through intensive research and an innovative production process, PL BioScience provides regenerative medicine with products that enable a wide variety of applications, from basic research to stem cell therapy. The natural growth environment ensures the controlled and safe cultivation of cell cultures without animal influences.

Initial investment:

B2G Partner:
Andrea Muth

“Born2Grow’s trust in our business model enables us at PL BioScience to drive our growth path. Together we are pursuing the mission to set new standards for the cell culture media market. On the basis of sustainable technology, we build a bridge between research and modern stem cell therapies. “

Christian Wilkes
CFO and co-founder