Mila is a crowdsourcing and on-demand service platform that’s established itself as the European leader in technical support for IoT devices, offering an extensive last-mile marketplace for residential, enterprise, and SME customers.

In less than a decade, the average household will have more than 50 connected devices, as IoT connectivity and sensor-driven technology devices will affect every aspect of our lives. The scale of managing these many electronic devices is beyond the technical skill level of the average person and the complexity of the devices. Mila provides trained and vetted licensed Mila Pros and tech-savvy Mila Friends for setup, installation, troubleshooting, and on-site consulting, providing a trusted service channel for enterprises and device manufacturers.

Initial investment:

B2G Partner:
Andrea Muth

Spin-off from Swisscom
Acquisition of over 40 global corporate brand partners
Pre-Series-A Investment

“There is no one in Europe who has the business model we have that installs, configures, and advises customers on the best devices and brands for their individual needs.“

Chris Viatte
CEO and founder