Innovative Technology provides ultra-light and fast actuators for industrial applications in the area of robotics, aviation and automotive engineering.

MetisMotion is a tech startup from Munich, founded in 2018.

Its core competency is in the field of ultra-dynamic and space-saving power actuators (servomotors). MetisMotion’s technology platform is based on decades of experience in its development of actuators for challenging automotive and industrial applications, and is now also put to use in robotics and aviation, where efficient and robust electrical engines with high power densities are required.

In comparison to previously available technologies, MetisMotion actuators are up to 80% smaller and lighter and react 10 times faster. Furthermore, they have a variety of sensory capabilities that traditional electrical motors or hydraulic/pneumatic solutions cannot offer without additional sensor components. This makes these especially suited to Industry 4.0 applications.

Initial investment:

B2G Partner:
Jan Ludwig

“The Born2Grow team provides us with fantastic support, in particular in terms of business development. With access to the high-quality personal network, Born2Grow consistently supports our business’ expansion – to new customers and as an expert. Without Born2Grow, we would not have been able to clear some of our hurdles as quickly.”

Patrick Fröse
CEO and co-founder