Medineering is a Munich-based company that develops, produces and markets application-specific surgical assistance systems.

Medineering’s vision is to make the advantages of robotic assistance in medical operations available to as many surgeons and patients as possible. An assistance system made by Medineering consists of a Medineering positioning arm, which is combined with an application-specific robot and an input unit, such as a foot pedal or a navigation system. The start-up was founded in 2014 by Dr. Maximilian Krinninger and Dr. Stephan Nowatschin, and has grown rapidly since then. The young, multinational team includes talented engineers specializing in medical robotics, as well as experts in marketing and device approvals.

Initial investment:

B2G Partner:
Günter Steffen



Founding of Medineering, and second-place award in the Munich business plan competition
The first sale of a Medineering positioning arm, and CE certification of it for use in ENT applications
Conclusion of the A-series financing round; Brainlab AG invests in the company
CE certification of the Medineering positioning arm in the areas of neurosurgery and spinal column surgery
Finalization of another version of the Medineering positioning arm, with a greater load capacity

“BORN2GROW sought the input of surgeons from Heilbronn right from the beginning. It was very helpful to us to be able to refer to real-life experiences in discussing with our investor the clinical advantages of our product, and at the same time, to profit in our product development from the feedback we received from surgeons. This kind of cooperation continues today.”

Maximilian Krinninger
Founder and CEO