A Stuttgart-based company with Israeli DNA, Inspekto provides products and services that are designed to deliver a direct, immediate and substantial impact in a market where yearly sales are in the billions of dollars, and which includes a wide range of industries and vertically integrated businesses located around the world.

Robotics is still considered a rocket science in German Mittelstand Factories. While only 7% of the 150.000 manufacturing companies in Germany work with robots, the Paderborn based Startup has set sail to change this. Unchained Robotics is building the automation platform for companies that strive for operational excellence on shop floor level. Instead waiting weeks and months to get offers and solutions from “old school robot integrators” Unchained Robotics provide high-speed services to help factory leaders achieve their cost and quality goals. unchainedrobotics.de is the place for factory automation, no matter if you search for single components, or full turnkey solutions.

Initial investment:

B2G Partner:
Thomas R. Villinger

Inspekto’s collaboration with B2G & ZFHN has been invaluable from the get-go: by providing direct top-level access to key market players, intimate knowledge of major market dynamics, and meticulous planning across the broad array of strategic and tactical considerations that play a key role in the effective market entry of a successful startup.”

Yonatan Hyatt