Implandata Ophthalmic Products GmbH (Implandata) is a disruptive ophthalmic digital health company, located in Hannover, Germany.

With its CE marked EYEMATE™ system for remote monitoring and care of glaucoma patients, Implandata is going to transform the treatment of glaucoma. With 80 million patients at risk of permanent loss of eyesight due to glaucoma, Implandata is addressing an underserved medical need in a vast and further growing market. Implandata’s EYEMATE™ system enables eye care specialists to remotely manage their patients and personalize treatment in order to preserve glaucoma patients’ eyesight. Glaucoma patients are empowered via self-monitoring, resulting in improved therapy compliance and quality of life.

Initial investment:

B2G Partner:
Günter Steffen

“B2G provided support to us on short notice in the areas of capital and expertise. At our shareholder meetings, B2G’s entrepreneurial experience plays an important role in our decision-making process.”

Yüksel Sirmasac