Need capital?

We’re on the lookout for world-class innovators. If you are getting close to market launch with a product or service that could become a “must-have” for businesses or individuals, BORN2GROW wants to talk to you. We can help you with the capital and expertise you need to clear the hurdles on your path into the market.

How does BORN2GROW do this? We start with a first investment of EUR 1 million, to take you from  proof-of-product to market entry – and we become your partners.  We help you with your growth strategy and other business decisions, and the members of our extensive network can give you product-development advice in fields ranging from Med-tech to Industry 4.0 and IoT.  

BORN2GROW can provide you with up to EUR 4 million more as your company grows. With our private funding, you can take the time you need to refine and market your product, and develop and expand your team. We like fast growth as much as anyone, but we have the experience to know when to put the brakes on. 

What do we want to see in our start-up partners?  

  • A real technological innovation
  • An interdisciplinary management team
  • An idea that sets you apart from the competition
  • Positive feedback from potential customers
  • An operational business model, preferably as a GmbH

Have we sparked your interest in Born2Grow as an investment partner? 

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