Our portfolios are hiring!

Are you, or do you know friends looking for an exciting new challenge in 2021?

Find out if there is a suitable position available.

Our portfolio Metismotion is hiring in Munich.

Job-Ad Electrical engineer

Our portfolio LightnTec is hiring in Karlsruhe.

Job-Ad Junior Projectmanager

Job-Ad Senior Projectmanager

Our portfolio PL BioScience is hiring in Aachen (DE) and Maastricht (NL).

Job-Ad Scientist

Job-Ad Lab assistant

Our portfolio smartGAS is hiring in Heilbronn.

Job-Ad Embedded Software Ingenieur

Job-Ad Warehouse Logistics Employee

BORN2GROW is not currently seeking new team members.

But if you share our passion for supporting innovators at young companies, and you think your skill set would add value to our company, let us know about you!

We may need you as our company grows!