Providing capital to early-phase innovators – and staying with them as they grow! BORN2GROW is a venture capital fund focusing on start-ups in the tech industry.

Initial Investments: € 0,5 – 1 Mio.

Follow-On Investments up to € 4 Mio.

Investment Strategy

BORN2GROW invests in start-ups that offer truly innovative ideas, and a management team with the skills and grit to achieve sustainable growth. We partner with companies at an early stage, but our private funding allows us to form long-term relationships.

By investing in a range of industries, we can partake in a variety of growth opportunities, and manage risk. Our start-up partners are at work in fields from biotechnology to software, and from medical technology to industry & automation.

Do you want to hear more about how we work together with young companies? Please see Need Capital.

Our Investment Partners

BORN2GROW is committed to maintaining a diverse portfolio, including early-stage start-ups working in a range of industries throughout Germany, and as far away as Israel.

Amid that diversity, all of our companies have one important thing in common: the founders and their teams have relied on technological innovation to create a product that has a well-defined market!


“Inspekto’s collaboration with B2G & ZFHN has been invaluable from the get-go: by providing direct top-level access to key market players, intimate knowledge of major market dynamics, and meticulous planning across the broad array of strategic and tactical considerations that play a key role in the effective market entry of a successful startup.”

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Yonatan Hyatt, CTO

Our Network

BORN2GROW participates in an extensive network of people and institutions that are committed to supporting young companies, and can provide entrepreneurial expertise and industry-specific knowhow. Many network members are based near BORN2GROW at start-ups, medium-to-large-sized companies, and in educational and medical institutions in the dynamic Heilbronn region.

As network members with more than 10 years of venture-capital experience, BORN2GROW can provide in-house support on questions of strategy and business development. We can help you deal with sales and marketing, financing, production processes, and development of staff and management. If you need qualified administrative board members, we can assist you with that, too.


Günter Steffen
CEO and Founder

Thomas R. Villinger
Supervisory Board

Alexander Hofer
Investment Director, Authorized Officer

Sebastian Pyzalski
Investment Manager

Andrea Muth
Investment Manager

Jan Ludwig
Investment Manager

Ildiko Maurer
Executive Assistant to the CEO